Tuesday, 28 April 2020


In addition to providing information about floor sanding; we also like to keep our prospective customers and current customers informed about the true benefits of wooden floors.

You will find wide-ranging reasons why someone would opt to lay a timber flooring in their home or business and the next information pays heed to the prevalence and success of the stunningly beautiful flooring covering.

It's crucial to take into account the fact that installing hardwood flooring is a lifelong product which won't just provide aesthetic all-natural beauty but durability and versatility. This can be shown in the below info:

Why Install A Wood Floor?

-- hardwood floors is easy and simple to maintain; upkeep of this floor requires little more than sweeping and vacuuming. Three best tips are;

  • To make sure that your floor is protected from moisture and heavy wear that will inevitably cause scratches.
  • To utilize preventative methods such as mats, rugs, floor protectors to protect the floor
  • Employ using an experienced hardwood floor cleaner. Incorrect usage of goods can damage the ground, bring about further wear and might lead to failure when recoating in the future.

Installing a hardwood flooring adds value to your property; it is widely understood that wood floors are a sought after hard surface flooring in houses and companies that are being built and remodelled.

-- This floor type is a natural resource; which means that it is sustainable. There are strict and strict rules with regards to forestry nowadays so that new growth is handled in line with felling.

-- Variety; there are enormous variations available that alter in finishes, kind, size, colours and layout. It follows that a type can be selected to compliment the space that you are covering.

-- The creation of a healthy living environment; hardwood flooring do not harbour dust mites, moulds or allergens which frequently saturate some other floor coverings. Reduced radicals produce enhanced indoor air quality.

If your wood floor is looking dull, lifeless and worn please contact us now on 020 3369 5185 to arrange a wood floor recovery quotation.

Friday, 1 February 2019


Bamboo was working its way to houses for decades, and it is not moving anywhere.

Among the most powerful flooring available on the industry with exceptional looks and colours such as the above blonde wood appearance, bamboo is still a staple for homeowners searching for something a bit different in their property. There's not any other flooring alternative that may very replicate bamboo's natural, natural appearance.

Bamboo is extremely renewable, which makes it among the more eco friendly flooring choices. Environmentally responsible flooring are in all bamboo and around is no exception.

Alright, so bamboo is not technically timber. If you would like to get technical, then it is considered bud. However, we categorize bamboo from the timber family.

But, I would not call bamboo a very low maintenance ground. Too much humidity or change in temperatures may cause a mess on a bamboo flooring.

If you opt for bamboo, I suggest working with an expert installer as opposed to looking for the DIY item.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Kahrs flooring is a popular choice with homeowners looking to bring the look of their property into the present day, and this gorgeous wooden flooring can alter the appearance of your home in only one easy step.

There are numerous different Kahrs flooring selections for you to choose from, and as such change in colour and design, so the needs of every homeowner can be catered to.

You can choose to have Kahrs flooring installed in each room in the home, or only one room which you're displeased with the look of. After seeing just how much of a beautiful transformation this flooring can make however, a massive proportion do choose to get it installed throughout the house.

As floors make up such a massive proportion of any room, simply installing Kahrs flooring may alter its look beyond recognition- and this alone makes it an incredibly cost efficient option.

Kahrs is a title that's synonymous with amazing quality too- so that provided you follow the aftercare instructions, you may rest assured that your new flooring will give your home a new look for quite a while.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Interior décor trends can change nearly as frequently as clothes fashions can, so it is not surprising that so many homeowners can glance around the home and feel it looks old fashioned- even if they just very recently made changes to décor.

Feeling the need to make continuous adjustments to the look of the house can prove very expensive though, and hardly any individuals have the money to constantly splash!!

This is the reason why, instead of trying to modernise the look of the home with décor items which could fall from style very rapidly, it is a much better idea to invest in home improvements that will still look very modern many years down the line. Wooden flooring surely fits into this category.

Engineered floors has graced the floors of houses for centuries now, and as the years progress, wooden flooring just keeps getting better.

There are now scores of different types of hardwood floors - from ash to oak to beech- in plenty of distinct colors - from very light to very dark- with which homeowners may produce and maintain beautifully contemporary décor.

Why waste your money on producing constant replacements when hardwood flooring could serve you well for such a long time?

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


I love hardwood floors but we have an extremely active young Golden Retriever and this dog can grow to be 70 lbs. What are a few of the concerns which I need to need for deciding on the right hardwood floors for pets?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from families with pets, particularly big dogs. The truth with pets pee (while it's acidic) is it's similar to spilling a glass of orange juice. This alone will not cause damage to your hardwood floors if cleaned up in a timely way. Hardwood flooring is developed to be dwelt on slow wear and tear isn't just inevitable, it needs to be expected.

Scratches and dents can accumulate on the surface of your hardwood flooring over time. These gradually become a character of your home and reminder of these adventures shared inside. With that being said, there are ways to reduce the visibility and keeping your ideal floors prior to and after the setup.

It's the house owner's responsibility to study on what type of flooring is best suited for their family. When choosing hardwood flooring, it is important to consider several aspects that will influence the usage of your hardwood. These include the Finish, Hardness, Color, and Texture:

The finish functions as a protective layer over or within the hardwood. When picking a finish, consider a matte finish which will reflect less light creating little scratches almost undetectable.

Hardness, also referred to as Janka Rating, is the very over-rated house in hardwood floors. High
Janka Rating hardwood floors will radically reduce dents created by 70+ pound puppy claws, but it is far less likely to have any effect on preventing scrapes on the surface.

Wood flooring is available in hand scraped and wire-brushed feel creating a distressed natural look. When choosing a softer wood species, texture could make the comparatively lower Janka Rating irrelevant. Let's face it, even if you get a dent on a rough looking floor it'll blend right in.

Natural colored flooring will hide scratches over the usual stained hardwood. When heavy scratches occur, it may undergo the finish into the bare wood. If your stain is a radically different colour than the natural wood color, it is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

After 15-20 decades of residential usage, your wood flooring may be starting to show its age. The good thing is that most superior hardwood flooring offers a sand-able wear layer, you'll have the ability to restore your hardwood flooring to brand new. Just call the local hardwood flooring shop and they will be able to sand and complete your flooring to make it seem brand new.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Top 3 things to do before you leave on vacation, to care for your floors!

Planning a vacation is something a lot of us look forward to throughout this year, and who could blame us? Who doesn't love a little time away from work; soaking up some much needed sun, kicking back, relaxing and leaving the day-to-day stresses and worries back at home.

After a nice, long vacation, it's often comforting to return home; assuming that the house is in precisely the exact same condition as when you left it, that is. What we believe is we all understand how easy it's to forget about the maintenance of your homes "environment" when you are out on vacation.

Not lots of men and women go away and wonder how their flooring do. (Well, except, possibly for us, admittedly.)

What you might not realize is that your flooring, over everything else, are at the most risk of getting damaged if the proper precautions aren't put into place before you leave. Most of us get antsy and excited if holiday time approaches, but that doesn't mean the thermostat can be turned to "OFF," and assuming that so long as the doors have been secured, the pets are in the kennel, as well as the alarm is on, you won't come home to beautiful flooring being badly, occasionally damaged! We know it could sound a little dramatic, however because our floor group places much TLC into every job, we want to be certain that the flooring last for the lifetime of the house and do not succumb to damage which might have been averted.

#3 - Don't turn the thermostat OFF -

It is extremely common, possibly a "force of habit," for people to walk around their home before they
depart, unplugging items and turning everything else to "off," together with the assumption that
they're doing the right thing. For the most part they are, but not when it concerns the thermostat. Remembering that your indoor temperatures should remain anywhere between 65-75 degrees with a relative humidity level between 30%-50%, placing your houses thermostat to switch if/when the temperature has a drastic change, is an essential and completely necessary step in preventing damage to your floors while you're away. Your thermostat ought to be thought of as the single and only line of defense to undesirable ground damage and buckling as you're off.

It's completely clear that the days before you go away on holiday can be hectic, to say the least, but ensuring these 3 hints are cared for will significantly lessen the danger of you coming home to find any unwanted floor damage.